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Welcome Christine Mooney from Portland, Oregon. She’s 44, and is a mama, RN, Browncoat, Scaper & Whovian.

When did you get your first tattoo and how did you choose them?

I started my first tattoo in the fall of 2007, I had turned 40 that year, was in nursing school, working part time & mother to young boys; Dawson & Liam. This kind of marks that time for me, encouraged me.

My first tattoo is my medallion inspired by Serenity’s emblem but with ‘persevere’ in Chinese & with water & leaves instead of orange & fire. I brought pictures of Serenity’s emblem to my tattoo artist, Melanie Nead of Icon Tattoo & she designed it for me, it’s the size of my open hand on my left hip/back. It took a couple of sittings, I’m not great with the pain but I love the artwork, as Melanie & I continued to work together on my other tattoos we figured out I’m good for the outline but the coloring in I’m only good for about 2 hours at a time & that’s after the outline’s healed.

Do you ever get any funny looks or comments about them?

Most people are surprised I’m tattooed (though less now since I got a nose ring last year too), I happily show them off though. In general public the Tardis is most visible & gets recognized but Serenity gets the biggest reaction especially at cons where people take pictures. I’m sure they shake their heads when they walk away but my tattoos are for me.

Do you have any more tattoos planned?

I immediately began thinking of my next tattoos, I have a list; my back/shoulders are reserved to represent my sons someday. I’m Browncoat vlog for Browncoats: Redemption from the studio (I was the Global Organizer of CSTS2010) & then we finished Serenity last summer in time for Dragon Con!

What advice would you give to someone thinking about getting a tattoo?

1. Be sure! a tattoo is forever, I didn’t realize I wanted one till I was turning 40, I feel like I have a better sense of what forever means after kids

2. Do research, find an artist, see their work on bodies, visit the shop, it should be clean, smell clean, be licensed, they might be more expensive but you won’t regret it

3. Choose something with meaning, you will always love it that way, be proud of it, even if it’s your own secret.

Thanks again Christine for taking part in this! While Christine won’t be at San Diego Comic Con she will be at WonderCon this weekend and Dragoncon later in the year! If you have a geeky or nerdy tattoo you want to have showcased and shared, just let me know!

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