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I’m a fan of tattoos and thought this would be fun. I’m going to start a series of posts featuring some of your awesome and geeky tattoos! The posts will be every Friday to start the weekend off right. Our first guest is Elisa. She’s 25 years old from Miami, Florida. Elisa is Ph.D. student in sociology studying gender & rock music gaming. Her awesomeness doesn’t stop there. She’s also the lead singer of Crimson, a pop/metal band hoping to make it big.

When did you get your first tattoo?I got my first tattoo the spring break after my 18th birthday. I went with my big brother, who introduced me to the wide world of tattoos, and I got an eighth note inside a little flame on my back.

What were the reasons behind your tattoos?
Every tattoo is deeply personal and relates to specific points in my life. My first tattoo cemented me as a musician. My second tattoo, a pentagram, was a way of honoring the elements and spirit. My third tattoo, the bowling tattoo, is a grouping on 10 circles in the arrangement of pins. It’s a tattoo that reflected my return to a family sport, one that I’ve been playing on and off since the age of 5. My next tattoo was the Trivial Pursuit pie, with the brown piece missing. It’s a favorite board game of mine. The brown pieces, in many versions, represents history—I’m still writing my own history, so I technically haven’t gotten that piece yet! My latest tattoo is a music-related half-sleeve. Swirls of music symbols down to my elbow. It was at that moment that I knew that I didn’t want to be anything but a rock star in everything I did. The tattoos are almost a way of making sure I wouldn’t be stuck in an industry that wouldn’t be accepting of them. No paper-pushing for me! My passions are the stage, the classroom, and the virtual world. I want nothing else.

My next tattoo, in celebration of my eventual doctorate, is going to be a montage of my favorite female video game characters, including Sindel from MK and Lilith from Borderlands.

Have you had any funny or weird reactions to your ink?
I’ve had people look at my pentagram and ask if I was Jewish (that’s 6 points, and it’s also a taboo, so no). My most visible one is my half-sleeve, and people can tell right away what I’m into—the flaming red hair also helps, I think.

If you could give one piece of tattoo advice, what would it be?
It’s going to be forever (unless you have the unlimited funds necessary for painful removal). Make sure it’s something true to you and something you wouldn’t mind looking at when you’re 60 and explaining to potential grandkids.

Thanks Elisa! I love the story/meaning behind the Trivial Pursuit tattoo. I think it’s stories like this that make every tattoo special and different, even if someone happens to have the same thing. I think your advice hits the nail on the head. I’m someone who actually went through a tattoo removal and I couldn’t agree more. Don’t get a tattoo because “it’s cool” or because you’re friends are pressuring you to get one. Do it because you want to, because it’s something special to you. It could be a simple reason or it could have a huge backstory.

If you’d like to get to know Elisa you can follow her on Twitter, check out her Tumblr or visit her band website!

If you want to see your tattoo and story featured here just send me an email! I can’t wait to hear from all of you out there!

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