Prepare For SDCC With Etsy!

Geek Fun

This post is more for the ladies out there. You’re going to San Diego Comic Con and you don’t want to rock a costume but you still want to show support for your favorite comic or super hero. Well, Etsy can help with that! I took some time and browsed to see what fun and awesome items I could find that would go well with the whole Comic Con atmosphere. Let’s see what I found.

I was able to find this rocking Wonder Woman Chunk Bracelet by CustomComix. If you’re looking for comic related items you might want to check that seller out. You’ll also find Vintage Gambit Comic Book Earrings and a Vintage Batgirl Comic Book Bracelet.

Maybe instead of jewelry you want to show your love via your hair! Then be sure to check out this Batman headband. It’s adorable and only $10. Instead of a character maybe you want something more generic. If that’s your thing check out this cute Pink POW! headband.

Of course you can’t go wrong with clothing. I found Heath Ledger Joker top that could be a top or maybe even a dress depending on your size/height. Then there’s this cute Bat Signal shirt. What’s that? Your heart belong to a web slinger? Then be sure to check out this Recycled Spider-Man drawstring top. It’s perfect for the warm California coast. Plus it would go great with this Spider-Man shoulder bag!

What I shared here is just a small sample and I’m sure as it gets closer to the big event you’ll be able to find more one of a kind items. Keep in mind that some Etsy stores will even do custom orders.

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