Hotel Poll Results Are In!

San Diego Comic Con

First I want to thank everyone who took part in the poll and those of you who left comments. I was honestly surprised by the turn out!

It’s actually pretty close as far as the results go. It seems that 56.82% of you (25 votes) have already booked a room while 43.18% (19 votes) haven’t. I’m not surprised, I thought it would pretty equal. Some of you shared your thoughts in the comments:

Katie said:

We booked the Hotel Solamar back in September when it opened. Seemingly excessive, but we were able to get their largest suite at a price our group felt was fair & we all love the hotel itself and location, so worth it for us.

No prepayment or deposit required & we can still cancel up until the day before our reservation

That’s the hotel I’ve booked as well! I’m pretty sure we booked around the same time too!

Ninjelica hasn’t booked yet and explains why:

We’ve been unable to find a hotel close enough for our liking that will allow us to make reservations, even at a high price, so it looks like we’ll have to wait for the lottery scramble.

I do wonder when they started looking. I’ve looked around just to see what’s out there and I’ve noticed as it gets closer and closer that it gets harder and harder to find a decent room. I’m sure a large part of that issue is the whole Travel Planner/SDCC hotel deal but I think another large part is the fact that some people do book hotel rooms early. I’ve seen some people comment that they book the same hotel while at the current Comic Con!

I’ve actually had three different hotels booked at various times. I had the first hotel booked in August and booked the actual hotel we’ll be using in September. Another friend handled the hotel end of things last year but I think we had a hotel booked by October.

I say congratulations to those of you who already have a hotel booked and I wish the best of luck to the rest of you who will be fighting it out tomorrow!

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