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I came across this article from that has some tips on getting into San Diego Comic Con parties. Well, I have some suggestions of my own.

If you’re on Twitter consider following some of the networks, studios, magazines and entertainment bloggers. Last year I scored a pass into an EW party by following Michael Ausiello. He gave out an email address and the first 50 people who managed to send off an email scored an invite for themselves and a guest. I think he did something similar on Facebook but I’m not 100% sure. Another reason to keep an eye on Twitter is for “Tweetups.” They might not be official parties but last year “Chuck” fans had a tweet up and some of the cast showed up.

“Let Me In” had a party that you could gain entrance to via a website. You had to figure out a code and enter your email address. I think there was a limit on the head count but I can’t remember. Hey, cut me some slack. It’s been months!

Some of these “contests” are only a few days before the event. If you plan on heading out to San Diego early you might really want to consider taking your laptop/netbook in order to keep an eye on the parties. If you aren’t able to print out your passes/tickets before hand be sure to check with your hotel about printing options. Be sure to check the fine print as well. While some parties allow you to bring a guest, others don’t. Sometimes you need to provide your name and your guests name in order to get in. You don’t want to show up with your buddy and be told that only one of you can get in. Something else to keep an eye on is the time of the party. Last year I missed one because it was at the same time as the “Dexter” panel. That panel was one of the main reasons I went to Comic Con and I wasn’t going to miss it. Again, SDCC is all about making choices about what’s most important.

Another small detail to keep in mind is that some of these events do have a dress code. Be sure to pack something a little nicer in case you do score access to one of these parties. I’m not talking black tie but your “Bazinga” t shirt might not cut it.

I hope some of these extra tips helps score you an invite to one of the many SDCC parties! Good luck!

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  • How I got into parties was mainly through networking and mutual favors. While not everyone can do this, if you are a professional or press then way more options open up to you depending on who you know and sometimes all you have to do is hear about a party that you might be interested in, use some of the Google-fu to find the right people to talk to as well as a contact method and just ask.

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