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San Diego Comic Con

If you want to relive San Diego Comic Con you should check out the SDCC: San Diego Comic-Con International group on Flickr. It’s impossible to see everything while attending the event and this Flickr group is a great way to see what you missed. Right now you’ll find 45,805 pictures. Yes, 45,805. That is not a typo. If you have some pictures to share why not join the group and add yours. Seriously, we can never have too many San Diego Comic Con pictures. I went through some of the pictures and picked out my favorites.

Seth Rogen Dark Phoenix Comic Con 2010: Kitana Jim Parsons comiccon2010-7429.jpg Matt Bomer Joss Whedon is cool ms. marvel stars-0229 Please Forgive Us Tim  Omundson salutes the crowd comiccon2010-7133.jpg

You have no idea how long it took me to just pick out a handful of pictures. I tried to pick photos mostly from 2010 but the group features photos from years of Comic Con. If you find yourself with time to kill I highly recommend checking out the group and the photos. Some of them are really amazing!

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