I’m Taking The Cosplay Plunge

San Diego Comic Con

I’ve decided to cosplay this year at San Diego Comic Con. It’ll be my first time ever and I’m really excited and nervous. I’m going as The Green Hornet. I saw the movie and and pretty much made up my mind right then and there.

Now, I know most people make their own costumes but I’m not that talented. I’m pretty sure it would end up looking a hot mess and well, this is San Diego Comic Con! You can’t roll in there looking a mess. That’s where Lex at SmarmyClothes comes into the picture. I found her last year when I wanted to have a “Burn Notice” shirt reconstructed in order to wear to last years SDCC. She did an amazing job and when I thought about a costume she popped into my head instantly. She’s agreed to do it and we’ve pretty much worked out all the details. I’m really excited about it based on her sketches. It was funny how we were pretty much on the same page about everything!

Are any of you going to cosplay this year? Anyone else a cosplay virgin?


  • Not only a Cosplay virgin, but a Comic Con virgin lol.
    I’m doing two costumes; Browncoat (Firefly) and Greenshirt (Chuck) – they’re both pretty easy and I don’t have to make anything. Perfect for a first-timer 🙂

  • I have been going to SDCC for many years (probably because I am a local) I have never Cosplayed but have always been interested. I just can not think of something that would be awesome while still able to do it physically or within a proper budget.

  • I’m thinking of a Golden Age Flash costume, pretty easy, just a red shirt w/ lightning bolt, jeans, and the hat.

  • My girlfriends is working on two costumes but they are hopefully for masquerade so i’ll post pics on the day of. Hope to see you all in costume.

  • It’s our first Comic Con and our first cosplay! I’m fairly nervous about the whole thing. One of our key requirements was that the costumes have to be fairly light as we’re travelling internationally. Looking forward to checking out everyone’s costumes!

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