Tom Hodges Sketch Pre-Order

San Diego Comic Con

If you’ve ever wanted to have a sketch made just for you Comic Con is a great place to have this dream come true. You’ll find artists from all over the world wanting to sketch a little something for their fans. Some make it easier than others. Tom Hodges is one of those artist. He’s allowing people to pre-order sketches! They range in price from $200 to $25 depending on the size, style and how many characters you want in your sketch. He requires a 50% down payment with the remainder of the balance being paid when the item(s) is picked up. He isn’t just going to be at San Diego Comic Con. According to his journal entry he’s going to be at 13 various events including Long Beach Comic Con, Star Wars Fan Day & APE. He has the complete list and the cut off for orders listed here.

I’ve never had a sketch done but I’m thinking about requesting one from him. If you look through his portfolio you’ll see he’s drawn everything from Wonder Woman to Star Wars to The Nightmare Before Christmas. It looks like he can do just about anything. I have no idea what I want yet, I was thinking about Sally from Nightmare because I love the movie but we’ll see! Below is a sample of his work.

The Little Mermaid by *Hodges-Art on deviantART

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