• We booked the Hotel Solomar back in September when it opened. Seemingly excessive, but we were able to get their largest suite at a price our group felt was fair & we all love the hotel itself and location, so worth it for us.

    No prepayment or deposit required & we can still cancel up until the day before our reservation

  • We’ve been unable to find a hotel close enough for our liking that will allow us to make reservations, even at a high price, so it looks like we’ll have to wait for the lottery scramble.

  • Booked a couple different hotels in the Mission Valley / Hotel Circle area — price is $179 and $159 per night which is further out — all depends on where the SDCC shuttle ends up stopping. Both have decent breakfast options (i.e. — eggs, juice, cereal/milk, danish and fruit).

  • Sticking to Old Town for a hotel (did in 2009, too). The area is nice for places to eat, and is a quick jaunt on the rails to get to the Convention Center and Gas Lamp district.

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