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What’s a Seat Vulture? My friend and I came up with this term at SDCC 2010. A “Seat Vulture” is someone who is constantly trying to steal, snatch or move up a seat. They pace up and down the aisle waiting to see if someone gets up or if a seat is empty. I saw someone stand up to stretch and when they turned around someone tried to hop over and take the seat! What is that?! The Seat Vulture would’ve only moved up one row! Seriously, one row isn’t going to make a difference.

I understand that we all want to have the “perfect” seat with the “perfect” view. If that’s what you want then you need to plan ahead. If that means wasting time sitting in a line then you do it. If that means getting up at the crack of dawn, then you do it. You don’t steal a seat. You don’t weave in and out of rows and aisles. You don’t keep asking people if they plan to leave, or if they want to trade seats or any other foolishness.

We had our own Seat Vulture experience in Ballroom 20. In Ballroom 20 it seemed that every other end seat was designated for the handicapped. These seats had red covers on them and the row would be missing a chair to make room for a wheelchair/scooter/cart. It was near the end of the day and we had been sitting in Ballroom 20 since it opened, in the same seats. That’s right. We stayed in our same seats. It sounds shocking I know. A newbie had come into the room and had a leg issue of some sort. I can’t remember exactly what it was. Well, she tried telling us that we were in a handicapped seat. Uh…excuse me? No we aren’t. We’ve been in these seats all day and even one of the Ballroom 20 staffers vouched for us.

Now, SDCC does add fire to the Seat Vulture issue. They don’t clear the room between panels. I’m fine with this since both days I pretty much wanted to see every show that was planned. I remember Thursday it was USA Network and I think Dexter/Showtime (I could be wrong about the Dexter/Showtime). I got up early and waited in line all morning. I did what I needed to do to in order to secure a good seat. I think we ended up being 8 or 10 rows back from the stage. The thing is, not everyone in that room is a fan of every show. Some only want to see one. But guess what? That panel isn’t until 3:30 and well, if you wait until an hour before hand to get in line, you probably won’t make it in. It sucks but that’s the way of the Comic Con. I was a rookie last year and I still knew how to plan everything out!

In the end, what I’m trying to say is use common sense and be polite. If you see someone stretching don’t try and jump their seat. If someone has told you their friend is in the bathroom, don’t go bugging them about the empty seat next to them. If you honestly think someone is trying to pull one over, alert the staff. Don’t try and cause a scene. If you’re with a group of friends, face the fact that you might not end up near each other. If you see a single seat, take it! Also, be aware that if you come into the room later in the day, you’re not going to get a seat near the front. You just aren’t. You need to just suck it up and take a seat in the back and be happy that you even made it into the room. I remember standing up and seeing plenty of empty seats in the back of Ballroom 20 but of course no one wants to sit back there!

This had turned into a mini rants of sorts hasn’t it? Oh well. In closing, don’t be a Seat Vulture.

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  • Don’t forget about the poor woman that had the medical emergency and how I kept beating the vultures off of her seat because she came alone and never returned from the restroom….I still feel for her.

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