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I had the chance to interview Jessica G. who’s a frequent cosplayer. She’s actually celebrating her 10th year of cosplay! That’s amazing in my opinion. I can’t imagine the dedication that must go into it. I’m going to be honest, I don’t really know much about cosplay. I know that many times I’m just amazed at the work, dedication and detail that goes into some of the costumes I’ve seen at San Diego Comic Con. Anyway, onto the interview!

What got you interested in Cosplay?
When I was in middle school, my family got its first computer. I had been into anime for some time before then, but the computer opened me up to the whole community of anime fans which was great since I was essentially alone in my hometown. I randomly googled “anime cons in South Carolina” but got no results. I then googled “anime cons in North Carolina” and discovered Animazement which is now in Raleigh, North Carolina. They had just had their 2001 convention and I looked through its photo gallery. After seeing the costumes, I was basically hooked and wanted to try it myself.

How long does it normally take to put together a costume?
I’m a huge procrastinator unfortunately. It generally takes 1-3 months. If I have an event coming up I kick it into high gear and get it done.

What was the hardest/easiest costume you’ve made?
The easiest costumes have been the ones where there’s no sewing involved, like Ni-na from Dance Dance Revolution. I haven’t ran into any particularly hard costumes yet but I do learn new things with each costume.

Do you have any type of training?
I do not have any type of formal training. My sewing is a combination of my friend and mother teaching me. Everything else I learned myself or by reading tutorials.

Any big costume plans for 2011?
This year may be a slow year for me as I plan to become less involved in cosplay and more involved in the gaming community – since I would like to work in that industry. I am currently working on Litchi from Blazblue and also plan to do Baby Doll from the upcoming movie Sucker Punch, as I’m sure a lot of girls will want to cosplay from that movie this year. I also have a huge Darkstalkers costume planned that I want to enter in a contest.

And finally, What advice would you give someone interested in cosplay?
My advice would be to start small and work your way up. Choose a character you incredibly love and put that love into bringing that character to life. Also, HAVE FUN. Don’t become caught up in the attention and drama of the community and remember this is just a silly, little hobby and to have fun with it.

If you’d like to learn more about Jessica be sure to check out her blogs, Cosplay Stitches and The Cinema Diva. Thanks again Jessica for doing the interview!

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