SDCC Is Sold Out + A Clusterfuck

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Like many people, I found myself online Saturday at Noon to purchase San Diego Comic Con passes. Like many people on Saturday I found myself frustrated, annoyed, pissed and then broken. Then magically I was semi-happy again.

I thought everything would go smoothly because when I logged on about an hour early (11am EST) both websites were loading. I had no issues with the CCI website or Ticketleap. As it got closer to 12EST/9PT I found that Ticketleap was loading a little slower. Hey, it was still loading. Then it was like Cinderella, at 12 the website that seemed to be working turned into a pumpkin. Twitter erupted with “WTF?!” tweets and people were livid. Something weird happened though. We actually heard something from Ticketleap and they told everyone to just hang in there and keep refreshing. Here’s the tweet they sent out:

@Comic_Con fans, if you see an over capacity message hit refresh. We are under heavy load right now and it should smooth out. #sdcc

Things never smoothed out, in my opinion anyway. I think I hit refresh for two hours straight and only twice did I even see the “purchase ticket” screen. My friend in Chicago was going through the same thing. I think she actually saw the “purchase” screen a few more times. We agreed that if one us got through, we would let the other know and purchase both sets of passes. I finally gave up around 2pm. I had shit to do and wasn’t going to waste an entire Saturday trying to secure passes. I did keep trying though via my Droid but had the same results.

I got back home around 4pm and jumped right back on. Again, it was the same thing for awhile. I kept hitting refresh, kept seeing the stupid message that they were overloaded. Then, around 4:10 it finally happened. I was able to purchase 2 sets of passes for Thursday, Friday & Saturday. That’s right. Four Day passes were already sold out. Sold. Out. Oh, and this was after having to hit the “proceed to purchase” button 100 times. I had what I needed selected and had to keep hitting the “purchase” button. I’m not sure what’s worse. Hitting F5 over and over or clicking a mouse button over and over.

After purchasing my passes I kept an eye on Twitter and that’s when I started seeing these tweets from CCI:

Four-day tickets are now sold out. As refunds are processed, additional inventory may be released to the public at a later date. (4:30ish)

Saturday badges are now sold out. As refunds are processed additional inventory may be released to the public at a later date. (5:50ish)

Friday badges are now sold out. As refunds are processed additional inventory may be released to the public at a later date. (5:50ish)

I saw tweets coming in from people who have been saving for years to go to SDCC and now, they aren’t. People skipped events they had planned for Saturday in order to hopefully buy passes. I can only imagine the outrage if this was a weekday. I’m pretty sure riots would’ve broken out somewhere.

In the next few days I hope to write a post with input from some Tweeps and featuring some of the other things I read while riding out the storm.

FYI, not sure they’ve commented on it yet but it appears that ALL passes are sold out.


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