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Before I get into my attempt to write a review I want to start off saying I went into this knowing nothing about “The Green Hornet.” I had never read a comic, heard a radio show or watched an episode. I did look a little bit up on Wikipedia but that’s it. I won’t be comparing anything. This is strictly about the movie!

A few weekends ago I treated myself to the movies and settled on “The Green Hornet.” I had seen the commercials and it looked pretty interesting. Plus Seth Rogen was looking pretty good. I saw the movie in regular 3D, not the IMAX option. This was actually the first 3D movie I had ever seen.

3D Aspect:

I wasn’t bothered by it too much. Seeing how this was my 1st 3D movie I can’t really judge if it was overboard or not. In my opinion though I didn’t feel it was over used. I don’t think it was a “make or break” issue. I think the movie would look fine without it but I enjoyed the 3D. It didn’t sell me though on 3D movies. I do feel that Hollywood has gone a little overboard with it but that’s another post.


I tried to go in with no expectations. I just wanted to be entertained and not feel like I wasted my money. My goals were achieved. I enjoyed the movie! I felt it had a nice mix of everything. It had humor, a little drama and of course action. The storyline didn’t seem like a huge stretch. I was a little worried when I saw mentions of Diaz as a “love interest.” I’m glad that really didn’t pan out. It would’ve been pointless for the type of movie “The Green Hornet” was. Maybe they can work that angle in down the line if they do follow up movies but I’m glad it was played off as goofy and not happening. I know people were worried about Seth playing The Green Hornet. Again, knowing nothing about the history of the character, I thought he did a fine job. Believe it or not I haven’t really seen many of his movies but I knew enough to know this could be a bit of a stretch. He looked great and seemed to pull the character off really well. I’ll admit though, I think I liked Jay Chou as Kato even more than Seth as The Green Hornet. Perhaps it’s because he designed kick ass cars or because he kicked ass himself. All I know is based on this movie, if I ever needed a guy in my corner during a fight, he’d be the guy.

All in all, I liked the movie and I’ll probably even buy it when it comes out on DVD. I know some people didn’t like it and I even read that some people walked out but I have to ask myself, what were these people expecting? I wonder if these people had set the movie up to fail in their minds before they even made it to the theater. Anyway, if you’re bored on a weekend and you’re thinking about catching a fun movie I’d be sure to put “The Green Hornet” near the top of your list.

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