The Cost Of Comic Con

The Cost Of Comic Con

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Every now and then on Twitter I’ll see someone ask just how much does it cost to attend Comic Con. I thought I’d help those people out and break down my SDCC costs from 2010. It’s been a few months and some of the numbers might be rough estimates but it’ll still help.

Passes: $100
Airfare: Free (used a Southwest Rapid Rewards Award)
Airfare If I Had Paid: $475.10 (This is based on airfare for 2011, BWI to SAN)
Hotel: $631.15 (6 nights/my share)
Car Rental: $130 (my share)
Other Stuff: $300 (Food, Goodies, Whatever)
Total: $1161.15 / With Airfare: $1636.25

The hotel and car were split between three people. Obviously the amount of people you have in your group will affect your pricing. This year I plan on ditching the rental car since we’ll be staying Downtown. If we need to we’ll just use public transit to get around. The “Other Stuff” really all depends on you. Will you be eating out? Buying tons of stuff? Going to the Zoo? You’ll want to take all of that into consideration when you’re planning your trip. San Diego has a ton to offer! It’s always better to take too much cash then to be stuck without any. I think I actually came home with $100.

I hope these numbers help you budget your Comic Con trip! Just remember to shop around and compare prices! Don’t forget to look into AAA discounts or other membership discounts like reward points. A few bucks here and there saved can really add up.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.


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