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San Diego Comic Con

I’d like to send a huge Thank You to Gustavo whom I met via Twitter! I sent out a tweet looking for SDCC hotel reviews and he answered that call. Below you’ll find his review of The W Hotel. Be sure to visit his website, TheGooster!

The W Hotel San Diego Review by Gustavo Lazo (@verygooster)

The W Hotel has an ideal location at West B Street in San Diego. Within walking distance, you can reach Westfield Horton Plaza, San Diego’s outdoor shopping mall. It is rather close to the historic Gaslamp Quarter for your shopping and entertainment needs, as well as Little Italy and Petco Park, home to the San Diego Padres. Of course, the hotel is also a few blocks from the San Diego Convention Center, home to the famous Comic-Con exhibition held every summer. I stayed at the W twice for SDCC in 2008 and 2010. Both stays have been rather pleasant, if not pricy, experiences.

The W has a very modern look to it that does well to exhibit a chic attitude. The lobby is an information area by day, and something of a lounge at night. There is a bar located in the lobby area along with a restaurant in the next area, but I did all of my dining elsewhere, as its philosophy of trendiness has to mean pricy meals and drinks. Although there is a nice dining area near the bar, down the street you can find a nice restaurant with a delicious sirloin.

The hotel staff are a lovely, courteous bunch, ensuring you have as comfortable a stay as possible. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of baggage service, as guests must bring their own bags to their rooms as they more than likely fumble to use their key card to get one of the elevators working. Once you get to the room, however, it’s a breath of fresh air. The W’s chic look carries over with the room’s modern furniture, comfortable beds in comfortable, relaxing colors. My favorite touch is a purple low-light lamp near the window with an area on the sill to sit and glance at the city skyline, which is a gorgeous thing at sunset.

The bathrooms are serviceable as bathrooms can get, although I share in frequent grumbles about the bathroom door being a sliding (mosaic?)glass door that doesn’t exactly seal all the way so privacy might be an issue for some. There are plenty of available toiletries and towels at your disposal, but unless you like a lemony floor cleaner kind of scent in your hair, I’d bring my own. The rest of the room features a desk straight out of Ikea with stationery and many available goodies like candy and cookies for a price. A television with stereo and DVD player is included, although my friend and I had trouble getting the remote control for the DVD player to work, and had to replace the batteries. The channels didn’t seem to be in high definition, simply stretched out 480p at best. One nice bonus is the cool alarm clock with iPod/iPhone dock. When I stayed there in July, my iPhone 4, released a month prior, was not compatible with the dock. I suspect the 3Gs will work just fine, however.

Room service provided turndown service when requested. I believe you can request newspaper service, which would be a USA Today at your door. We only ordered from the hotel kitchen once, for breakfast. I would recommend the pancakes, and that is it. The prices are costly for a simple order of bacon and eggs you can get at a lovely diner a few blocks from the hotel and actually close to the convention center if you are there for SDCC. It’s a hotel that takes pride in its modern look, and thus is expensive nightly rates (from $400 and up). You may do well to find a less expensive place to stay if you are only visiting the town for SDCC, although its convenient location near some of the highlights of San Diego and the convention center, is praiseworthy. In addition, you can partake in the W’s free Acura car service where you can get a lift to a location of your choice provided there is a car available. If you are an aficionado of the “hip and modern” culture, and want to mingle with folks in the lobby over drinks, this place is for you. The incredibly comfortable rooms and design overall make the W Hotel a heck of a stay.


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