Tron Thanks Hall H From SDCC 2010

San Diego Comic Con

I haven’t seen Tron and really, I have no desire to. It’s just not my thing but I thought it was really awesome that they gave a shout out to Hall H at the end of the movie.

From the article7 awesome facts you need to know about Tron Legacy from

7.) Fans in Hall H at Comic-Con voiced the arena scenes.

Joe Kosinski: We were just starting the sound portion, and the guys at Skywalker [Ranch sound studio] were telling me, “You have all these arenas and all these specific chants — that’s a very hard thing to fabricate. You’ve got to find a thousand people who are willing to follow chants.” So we were looking at sports arenas, and I realized, “Wait a minute! I’ve got Comic-Con coming! Let’s record the Comic-Con hall and get our crowd reactions in Hall H.” So we did it — all the crowds in the disc wars sequence are Comic-Con fans in Hall H. It was fun to put the fans who supported us in the movie itself.

Here’s a picture of the credits. You’ll find the shoutout at the top of the screen. Thanks to DarkStitch on Twitter for the picture! Just click the image to see it in full size.

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How many of you are running around and telling all your friends? Come on, be honest. I would!

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  • Yea, this was one of the best experiences I ever had at Comic Con. I can’t imagine anything cooler than being apart of a movie- what a treat for us fans that waited forever in line. I hope that future filmmakers consider creative things like this at future SDCCs. Thanks!

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