Free Wi-Fi In The Gaslamp District

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I found this article via Twitter and thought I’d pass it along to the San Diego Comic Con Crowd!

What’s New: Free Wi-Fi in Gaslamp Quarter

It’s a pretty simple article but here’s the important info:

Big ups to the GQA, Free WiFi San Diego, and California Micro Systems who teamed up and accomplished this digital milestone in downtown San Diego. Simply search for and connect to the SSID “Free Wifi San Diego”, log onto, and presto – you’ll have direct access to every corridor and back alley the World Wide Web has to offer for two hours, for free. California Micro Systems will provide massive bandwidth amounts to ensure Internet availability at all heavy-traffic, rush hour occasions.

It’ll be interesting to see how the bandwidth holds up during Comic Con Week. I can see a ton of people logging on though, even if it’s just for two hours. That’s enough time to check some email, upload pictures and write a blog post or two.

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