SDCC 2011: Pushed Back Again. FAIL

If you’re like me, you were sitting at your computer ready to go this morning. You were hoping that maybe, just maybe, CCI and EPIC were able to get their […]

Southwest Air Is Open Into August 2011

If you travel via Southwest you’ll be happy to know that they’ve opened their schedule into August 2011. That means you are now free to book your San Diego Comic […]

Reminder: November 22nd

Just a reminder that SDCC 2011 registation will reopen on November 22nd at 6AM Pacific/9AM EST.

Free Wi-Fi In The Gaslamp District

I found this article via Twitter and thought I’d pass it along to the San Diego Comic Con Crowd! What’s New: Free Wi-Fi in Gaslamp Quarter It’s a pretty simple […]

November 22nd, 6AM Pacific Time

According to CCI, registration for 2011 San Diego Comic Con will go on sale, again, on November 22nd. This time around though instead of 9AM Pacific it’ll be 6AM. I […]

Even More Excited

I was doing a Google search for the hotel I booked for Comic Con to see if I could find any SDCC related reviews or information. Well, I hit the […]

#SDCC #FAIL: Try Again Nov 8th

Just when you think SDCC can’t screw up anything else, they go and screw up 2011 registration. As you all know, today at 9am PDT (12EST) SDCC 2011 passes were […]