1 Month Until Passes Go On Sale!

San Diego Comic Con

In just one month people will be rushing to their computers to purchase San Diego Comic Con 2011 passes. Just a reminder though that as of right now 4 Day Passes With Preview Night are sold out! I say “as of right now” because there’s always a chance that passes will be returned and that more could on sale at a later date but don’t waste your time November 1st looking for the link for Preview Night.

I believe 4 Day Passes will be around $105 but I’m not sure about single day passes. Once I find out I’ll be sure to pass the info along. Just a reminder that even if you aren’t 100% sure that you’ll be going next year, be sure to buy your passes anyway! It’s easier to ask for a refund then it is to take your foot out of your ass after kicking yourself for not buying them.

Remember, you can only buy passes from the San Diego Comic Con website.

If you’re serious about attending SDCC next year then I hope you’ve already started looking for a hotel. Yes, you can sit around and wait until Travel Planners opens up or you can get ahead of the game and book something now. Remember, in most cases you have up to 48 hours before you arrive to cancel. Just be sure to read the fine print and normally this is only if you book directly. If you use a website like Orbitz you have to pay in advance and in most cases can’t cancel without some type of fee if at all.

If you think I’m kidding, go ahead and do a search on any travel website for July 17th-25th. You’ll see most are booked. In some cases this is because they’re only dealing with Travel Planners but in other cases? It’s because people are on the ball and have either booked their hotel or they’ve booked a backup in case TP falls through.

Have you booked a hotel yet? Are you thinking about? Let me know in the comments!

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