How I Scored Free SDCC Airfare

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I’m pretty sure if I had to pay for my airfare this past SDCC, I wouldn’t have been able to go. It’s not cheap to fly across the country, especially during the summer. Luckily I was able to snag my flight for free. How? I joined Southwest Rapid Rewards.

Now, it might now work for everyone. I’ve always been a fan of SW though and always use them for my flights. I joined because it made sense but another reason is because you can earn a free flight. There are a few different ways to earn RR credits. Obviously you earn them by flying but you can earn credits by renting cars, staying at certain hotels and by having the SW credit card.

I applied for the credit card and was approved. I earned a few credits just for that. Hell, if I remember correctly I earned 2 credits just for joining Rapid Rewards. I then did a balance transfer that earned me even more credits. Seriously, before I knew it I had earned my free flight. Now, I’ve heard horror stories about how hard it can be to use “loyalty program” rewards but I had no issues with Southwest. I logged into my account, found my flights and applied my RR vouchers. They had even sent an email letting me know I had reached enough credits for my free flight. It really was that easy!

As I mentioned before this might now work for everyone. SW doesn’t service every city but it never hurts to try. If you fly on a pretty regular basis you should check out Rapid Rewards. If you don’t have any credit issues I’d recommend checking out the credit card. You can always stop using it as soon as you earn your free flight. You obviously need to sit down and look at your travel plans and see if it’s a good fit for you. I thought about it for a few weeks before I finally applied for the card but I’m glad I did.

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