Hotels That I Know Are Open

San Diego Comic Con

If you haven’t even thought about booking a hotel for San Diego Comic Con 2011, you need to get on that. I mean it. Don’t wait last minute. Don’t wait for Travel Planners. You should book something now just in case TP doesn’t work out in your favor. I know that the following hotels are open for 2011 and should have rooms available. How do I know? Because I’ve booked them and switched to them. No, really. I’ve already switched hotels three times.

Ramada Gaslamp
Motel 6 Gaslamp
Hotel Solamar

Of course availability could disappear at any time. In most cases you can cancel a reservation without any fee as long as it’s 24-48 hours before your arrival.

I’ve noticed that online booking agents like Orbitz and Expedia are now offering hotels into late July 2011 as well. Just remember that in most cases you have to pay upfront but this might help you save a few books. Just be sure to read the cancellation information! You don’t want to be stuck if you find a better deal or end up with a hotel with Travel Planners. Don’t forget to work any angles you might have like AAA or even a corporate discount.

Most of the larger and SDCC hotels are open but it seems that they don’t have any openings for SDCC. I’m pretty sure it’s because they’re working out details with Travel Planners. I did notice one or two had openings but they were $500 a night to start with.

If you know of any other hotels that are open please be sure to leave a comment!

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