The Comic Con Foursquare Badge

San Diego Comic Con

I was hoping Comic Con would offer special Foursquare Badges like SXSW does but as it got closer to Comic Con and I didn’t see any reports I figured it wasn’t going to happen.

Then I was checking Twitter as I was waiting in line for Ballroom 20 and noticed that someone I followed had received this:

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I wanted it! I asked her how she earned this special badge and she told me all you had to do was check into the official San Diego Comic Con location. The next day I checked in and received the badge! This wasn’t the only badge I earned though. I easily unlocked the “Super Swarm” badge too. You earn this by checking into a venue along with 250 other people. I believe on Preview Night 300+ people had checked in.

While I would’ve liked to have earned more or exclusive badges I’m happy with the two that I earned.

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