SDCC Goodies On Ebay

San Diego Comic Con

The best part of Comic Con would have to be all the free stuff. I happened to grab a few extras and I’m offering them on Ebay. Hey, a girl has to pay down her SDCC debt!

Right now I only have two items listed. I’m selling a copy of The Big Bang Theory TV Guide and a Fox Poster Tube. If you’re looking for other stuff though be sure to do a search on Ebay. People are selling everything from the smaller items like the TV Guides to some of the exclusive bobbleheads. If you weren’t able to make it out to SDCC but still want that super awesome special one of a kind item Ebay is the place to be.

Both of my auctions are for 10 days and start pretty low. Shipping might seem a little high but I only use UPS. Please feel free to share the links!

I added the Smallville TV Guide as well but that auction is only 7 days.

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