July 22nd: White Collar

San Diego Comic Con

As you can tell by the posts Thursday in Ballroom 20 was pretty much USA Network Day. I didn’t have a problem with that since I was fan of all three shows that the network took to Comic Con.

The nice thing with the WC panel was the fact they too brought the whole cast just like Psych. They’re a new show (only into the 2nd season) and I feel it’s really important to try and get as many faces out there as you can. This was there first Comic Con appearence as well. The cast seemed excited to be there which is always a plus. I noticed in some panels it seemed that maybe some people didn’t really want to be there but that’s another post.

Since the show is pretty much brand new there wasn’t too much in the way of spoilers. Matt Bomer did an Arnold impersonation which was pretty funny and we found out that the cast seems to break into song inbetween takes. The producers were asked where the inspiration for “Neal Caffrey’s” style came from and the answer to that was the Rat Pack era.  An audience member did ask if “Kate” was dead and we were told she is. She’s not in a coma somewhere and she didn’t escape.  As I said before there wasn’t much in the way of news or spoilers.

Anyway, here are some pictures from the White Collar panel:

210 221 235 216 214 191

You can enjoy the rest of them here.

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