Oh yes, costumes.

San Diego Comic Con

Of course you can’t go to Comic Con without checking out and seeing hundreds of costumes. Some are awesome. Some aren’t. It seemed that for every awesome Wonder Woman you’d come across a shitty Wonder Woman. The same goes for every other well known super hero. It’s all good though. It just adds to the people watching! I was surprised at the number of kids in costume. They were adorable! Some were actually scary but still cute. Here are some of the costumed kids I saw:

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I told you they were adorable…and a little scary. Now instead of blabbering along I’m just going to share the rest of the costumes.

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Tested.com has a great gallary of 850 different costumes. You can see their gallery here. If you love costumes then you need to check out the link. Some of the costumes are simply amazing. You can tell people put tons of time, thought and money into what they wore. Here are a few moew links featuring some of the Cosplay for Comic Con.

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