July 22nd: Psych

San Diego Comic Con

Psych: James Roday, Dule’ Hill, Maggie Lawson, Corbin Bernsen, Kirsten Nelson & Tim Odmundson

Psych is another show that airs on the USA Network. I was a little late getting into this show but I now own all the seasons on DVD and love it! It’s a great mix of comedy and death. Who knew that could be done? USA did!

The panel started with a video clip featuring the cast. It was funny and cute and got everyone into the mood. The video featured Curt Smith of Tears For Fears as well. It seemed a little random but that’s how Psych works. The video ended and the next thing we know Curt Smith is on stage signing Shout. What happens next you may ask? James Roday & Dule’ Hill come out singing as well. They pretty much replicated their performce from the “American Duos” episode and it was awesome. I didn’t take any video since I was caught off guard but here’s a clip from Youtube:

Didn’t I tell you it was awesome? When the performance ended the rest of the cast was introduced and took their seats at the table. When Tim came out he was pretty much dressed just like his character Detective Lassiter which received a loud roar from the crowd. Then panel was very entertaining. Some questions that were asked were silly but still cool. Someone asked if Shawn and Gus were each others Best Man when they got married what would the speech be and someone else asked James Roday if he finds himself putting his hands to his forehead like his character Shawn Spencer. He said no but he does find something saying “What?” in different ways. If you watch the show you ¬†know that Shawn and Gus are always saying “Whaaaat?!” in various tones and styles.

There weren’t too many spoilers announced that I can remember. We did get another surprise at the end when Dule’ Hill and Award-winning tap dancer and choreographer Jason Samuels Smith (who was featured in the episode that aired before Comic Con) took to the stage and had a little battle of sorts. The crowd was really into and they both did an amazing job. I did manage to get some video of that:

The Psych panel was just full of surprises and I think that’s what made it one of my favorite panels of Comic Con. They really know how to put on an awesome show and keep the audience guessing without being over the top.

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