Vikings S4E20: The Reckoning

The Reckoning Warning: Spoilers   So here we are, at the final episode of season four. Overall, I thought it was a relatively solid episode, with some notable sour points. […]

Vikings S4E19 Review: On the Eve

On the Eve Warning: Spoilers   As usual, things are split by areas. Let’s get to it, guys!   Kattegat Kattegat couldn’t catch a real break this episode. First, they […]

Vikings S4E17 Review: The Great Army

The Great Army Warning: Spoilers   Hi guys! Hope you have all been enjoying the reviews. As usual, due to the geography, I’ll be breaking things up by location until […]

Vikings S4E16 Review: Crossing

Crossing Warnings: Spoilers   This episode, save for one scene, takes place in two different locations, so like many of my reviews, we’ll go by locations, shall we? After last […]

Vikings S4:E15 Review: All His Angels

All His Angels Warning: Spoilers   Before I start this review, I want to apologize for missing last week–Christmas out of state really took up more time than I anticipated! […]

Vikings S4E13: The Vision

The Two Journeys Warnings: Spoilers Well we are in three places this week, so like I have done sometimes before, I will be breaking this review up into geographic locations. […]

Vikings S4E12 Review: The Vision

The Vision Warning: Spoilers This episode starts out in Kattegat, with Ragnar attempting to get others to join  him in his quest to go to England. He sounds insane, and […]

Vikings Review S4E11: The Outsider

  The Outsider Warning: Contains Spoilers Can’t remember what happened last episode? Here is Episode 10’s recap. Well, we’re back with the second half of Viking’s season 4, and before […]