Vikings S4E13: The Vision

The Two Journeys Warnings: Spoilers Well we are in three places this week, so like I have done sometimes before, I will be breaking this review up into geographic locations. […]

Teen Wolf S6E4, Review – Relics

  As the mystery of the missing Stiles unravels, the search comes to a halt when quite a few students are put in danger and risk being erased as well. […]

The Flash S3E9, Review – The Present

With the unexpected alien invasion out of the way, Team Flash is ready to take on Savitar and bring peace to Central City! If you haven’t watched the four show […]

Vikings S4E12 Review: The Vision

The Vision Warning: Spoilers This episode starts out in Kattegat, with Ragnar attempting to get others to join  him in his quest to go to England. He sounds insane, and […]

Teen Wolf S6E3, Review – Sundowning

This episode was a gift, full of fun Stilinski-family tidbits in the throes of major drama going down. I just can’t help but feel the Ghost Riders are actually a […]

The Flash S3E7, Review – Invasion! Pt. 2

It’s crossover week! The highly anticipated 4-show crossover has arrived, is it everything it’s been hyped up to be? This Flash episode was a lot of fun, but there were […]

Vikings Review S4E11: The Outsider

  The Outsider Warning: Contains Spoilers Can’t remember what happened last episode? Here is Episode 10’s recap. Well, we’re back with the second half of Viking’s season 4, and before […]

The Flash S3E7, Review – Killer Frost

We haven’t had an episode with so much information at once. Additionally, there was no time to slow down and gather the team together when Savitar hit them with such […]

Teen Wolf S6E2, Review – Superposition

  The effects of Stiles’ disappearance are felt almost immediately, though they may not be known to the pack right away. A simple lacrosse practice between Scott and Liam reveals […]

Teen Wolf S6E1, Review – Memory Lost

All good things must come to an end. It’s the first ‘last’ episode of the series with the most at stake this season. Scott has made it to the end […]