April Lootcrate Unboxing Review!

Hey guys! We’re lucky enough to have been given Lootcrates now to review, so this is our first! I’m really pleased with what we got in April’s, and I hope […]

12 Monkeys S2E2 Review “Primary”

“Primary” Warning: Spoilers Instead of starting off at the standoff, we start in 2044, where we’re shown what Cassie became in the eight months it took to rebuild the machine. […]

Vikings S4E10 Review: “The Last Ship”

“The Last Ship” Warning: Spoilers Hey guys! We’re here with the midseason finale, and everything is focused on the vikings–no trips to Wessex or Rome this go around. The show […]

April TeeBlox Review

Full Disclosure: I was given a box by Teeblox for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own. Another month, another Teeblox review! This month was better than last month! […]

12 Monkeys S2E1 Review: “Year of the Monkey”

“Year of the Monkey” Warning: Spoilers   [Note If want to see some interviews I conducted last October regarding this upcoming season, check out this post: http://whennerdsattack.com/2015/11/05/cant-wait-for-season-2-of-syfys-12-monkeys-tide-yourself-over-with-these-interviews-from-nycc/ ]   So […]

Vikings S4E9 Review: “Death all ‘Round”

“Death all ‘Round”   Warning: Spoilers   We open with the vikings rolling their boats through the forest. They are making ample progress now, and everyone is working on something. […]

Vikings S4E8 Review: “Portage”

“Portage” Warnings: Spoilers Hey guys, we’re back from Emerald City Comic Con, and here with a (late) Vikings review, getting you ready for episode 9 on Thursday! Like I’ve done […]