Teen Wolf S6E8, Review – Blitzkrieg

    Mieczyslaw Stilinski. That’s Stiles’ real name, Mieczyslaw Stilinski. But I’m getting ahead of myself. We don’t find out this much sought after information until the end. This whole […]

Teen Wolf S6E7, Review – Heartless

Bad decisions are a common theme in Teen Wolf; no matter how many are made, no one learns from them. Instead, they are repeated over and over until luck kicks […]

Vikings S4E17 Review: The Great Army

The Great Army Warning: Spoilers   Hi guys! Hope you have all been enjoying the reviews. As usual, due to the geography, I’ll be breaking things up by location until […]

Vikings S4E16 Review: Crossing

Crossing Warnings: Spoilers   This episode, save for one scene, takes place in two different locations, so like many of my reviews, we’ll go by locations, shall we? After last […]

Teen Wolf S6E6, Review – Ghosted

Now that the pack knows Stiles is alive, they are re-energized to hunt him down and bring him back home. It doesn’t seem like such a lost cause after hearing […]