Arrow S05E12 “Bratva”

“Bratva” Warning Contains Spoilers We are officially over halfway done with season five! I wish there were more episodes with Prometheus; his are the strongest of season five. However, this […]

Arrow S05E11 “Second Chances” Review

“Second Chances” Warning Contains Spoilers As the title would suggest, this episode was about second chances across the board. That’s what Rene, aka Wild Dog, says about the team: they […]

Arrow S05E10 “Who Are You?”

Warning Contains Spoilers Arrow is back from winter break and it is time to answer the question on all of our minds: is Laurel actually alive or is she someone […]

The Magicians S2E1 Review: Night of Crowns

Night of Crowns Warning: Spoilers Note: This episode continues the story of Jules and the aftermath of her rape, along with talk of child molestation–if such talk is triggering to […]

Vikings S4:E15 Review: All His Angels

All His Angels Warning: Spoilers   Before I start this review, I want to apologize for missing last week–Christmas out of state really took up more time than I anticipated! […]