The Magicians S2E1 Review: Night of Crowns

Night of Crowns Warning: Spoilers Note: This episode continues the story of Jules and the aftermath of her rape, along with talk of child molestation–if such talk is triggering to […]

Vikings S4:E15 Review: All His Angels

All His Angels Warning: Spoilers   Before I start this review, I want to apologize for missing last week–Christmas out of state really took up more time than I anticipated! […]

Watch Dogs 2 Review

Before fiery forums and contemptuous comment sections damned No Man’s Sky as the poster boy for Overhyped Disappointment, that distinction belonged to Watch Dogs. With showstopping E3 demonstrations years before […]

Vikings Review S4E11: The Outsider

  The Outsider Warning: Contains Spoilers Can’t remember what happened last episode? Here is Episode 10’s recap. Well, we’re back with the second half of Viking’s season 4, and before […]

Arrow S05E03 “A Matter of Trust” Review

 “A Matter of Trust” Warning Contains Spoilers This week’s episode of Arrow was not on the same level as the first two. It felt almost like a filler episode to […]

Blair Witch Movie Review

Shot within eight days in the woods of Seneca Creek State Park on an initial budget of $35,000, The Blair Witch Project would go on to earn nearly $250 million […]

12 Monkeys S2E11 Review: Resurrection

Resurrection Warning: Spoilers Damn guys. Before I even get into this episode, I have to say–it’s the best episode this show has ever produced. I can honestly say that I […]

Penny Dreadful Series Finale Review

So here is the last Dreadfully Yours of Season 3. The Series Finale. Not just the SEASON finale, guys….but the SERIES. And I can’t lie: I’m disappointed. Horribly, terribly disappointed. This […]