Arrow S05E05 “Human Target”

“Human Target” Warning Contains Spoilers This week’s episode of Arrow was an entertaining hour of television. This season has really stepped up its game. I mean obviously there is still […]

Arrow S05E04 “Penance” Review

“Penance” Warning Contains Spoilers Arrow really has their every-other-episode-is-great formula down to a tee! This week’s episode had character development, plot advancement and awesome fight sequences; it had all the […]

Arrow S05E03 “A Matter of Trust” Review

 “A Matter of Trust” Warning Contains Spoilers This week’s episode of Arrow was not on the same level as the first two. It felt almost like a filler episode to […]

Arrow S05E02 “The Recruits” Review

“The Recruits” Okay, Arrow season five, I’ll bite–not a horrible start to the new season. It’s actually quite a creative start and I’m really surprised that the writers went this […]

The Flash S3E1, Review – Flashpoint

Welcome to season three, where we can finally find out just how bad Barry screwed up the timeline! We know that we’ve entered Flashpoint, but what exactly will that entail? […]

Flash: “Invincible” (Season 2, Episode 23)

WARNING: Spoilers Wow, this week’s episode is quite a doozy! There are several plots that keep this episode jumping, and the title of this episode was certainly both ironic and […]

Flash: “Rupture” (Season 2, Episode 20)

Flash: “Rupture” (Season 2, Episode 20) WARNING: Spoilers Wow, so a LOT happened in this week’s episode! And if this episode is any indication, our remaining episodes will be quite […]