July 22nd: White Collar

As you can tell by the posts Thursday in Ballroom 20 was pretty much USA Network Day. I didn’t have a problem with that since I was fan of all […]

Oh yes, costumes.

Of course you can’t go to Comic Con without checking out and seeing hundreds of costumes. Some are awesome. Some aren’t. It seemed that for every awesome Wonder Woman you’d […]

July 22nd: Psych

Psych: James Roday, Dule’ Hill, Maggie Lawson, Corbin Bernsen, Kirsten Nelson & Tim Odmundson Psych is another show that airs on the USA Network. I was a little late getting […]

The Crowds

I thought I had a good idea about what to expect crowd wise at SDCC but nothing could’ve prepared me for those four days I spent at the convention center. […]

July 22nd: Burn Notice

 I’m a huge fan of Burn Notice from the USA Network. They happened to be the first panel of the day on Thursday which meant getting in line at the […]