Blair Witch Movie Review

Shot within eight days in the woods of Seneca Creek State Park on an initial budget of $35,000, The Blair Witch Project would go on to earn nearly $250 million […]

12 Monkeys S2E13 Review: Memory of Tomorrow

Memory of Tomorrow Warning: Spoilers Here it is guys, the end of season 2. It’s been a wild, excellent ride, and this episode is again another shining example of what […]

12 Monkeys S2E12 Review: Blood Washed Away

Blood Washed Away Warning: Spoilers So we return after a two week break with one of the most emotionally wrought episodes of the season. I won’t say much, but thank […]

12 Monkeys S2E11 Review: Resurrection

Resurrection Warning: Spoilers Damn guys. Before I even get into this episode, I have to say–it’s the best episode this show has ever produced. I can honestly say that I […]

June Unboxing Reviews

Here are our Unboxing reviews for and Hope you enjoy!