Arrow S05E15 “Fighting Fire With Fire”

“Fighting Fire With Fire” Warning Contains Spoilers “Fighting Fire With Fire” was a huge improvement from last week’s episode. The plot definitely progressed and we received an answer to the […]

Supernatural S12E14: “The Raid”

“The Raid,” the latest offering from fan-favorite writer, Robert Berens, opens on a standoff between Mary and her sons. She’s still trying to get them to see where she’s coming […]

Black Sails S4E5: XXXIII

XXXIII Warning: Spoilers   This episode was, at its core, two men making choices that will forever change the course of the show. Silver and Rogers both take matters into […]

Supernatural S12E13: “Family Feud”

Well, I guess Supernatural’s good-episode streak had to end sometime, and it’s no surprise that it ended with one written by the Dynamic Duo themselves, Brad Buckner and Eugenie Ross-Leming. […]