The Walking Dead  Episode 707 “Sing Me a Song”

      After coming from several bottle episodes that focused on character development, we hit the mother-lode with this one. Not only did we get awesome character development, but we finally […]

Arrow S05E08 “Invasion! Pt. 3” Review

“Invasion!” Warning Contains Spoilers Arrow is the third episode of the epic CW DC four part crossover event–well three part if you don’t count the Supergirl episode which basically just […]

Supernatural S12E7: “Rock Never Dies”

When we last left Supernatural before its short Thanksgiving break, it seemed that Sam and Dean had a lot to be thankful for. They–as well as their mom and Jody–had […]

Watch Dogs 2 Review

Before fiery forums and contemptuous comment sections damned No Man’s Sky as the poster boy for Overhyped Disappointment, that distinction belonged to Watch Dogs. With showstopping E3 demonstrations years before […]

Teen Wolf S6E3, Review – Sundowning

This episode was a gift, full of fun Stilinski-family tidbits in the throes of major drama going down. I just can’t help but feel the Ghost Riders are actually a […]

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The Walking Dead  Episode 706 “Swear”

     For the last six weeks we have watched not only two very beloved characters meet their end in an extremely brutal fashion, but Daryl has been psychologically abused and […]

#TheLibrarians S3E1 and E2 review

The Librarians: And the Rise of Chaos, And the Fangs of Death Original air dates: November 20th 2016 and November 27th 2016 Warning: Spoilers Okay, quick overview if you haven’t […]

The Flash S3E7, Review – Killer Frost

We haven’t had an episode with so much information at once. Additionally, there was no time to slow down and gather the team together when Savitar hit them with such […]