Arrow S4E20 “Genesis”

“Genesis” Warning Contains Spoilers Alright so Laurel is still gone; I guess the creators are keeping their word. It should be time to get over it, but I still can’t. […]

Flash: “Rupture” (Season 2, Episode 20)

Flash: “Rupture” (Season 2, Episode 20) WARNING: Spoilers Wow, so a LOT happened in this week’s episode! And if this episode is any indication, our remaining episodes will be quite […]

12 Monkeys S2E3 Review: “One Hundred Years”

“One Hundred Years” Warning: Spoilers We immediately start this episode in 1944; I have to say, right off the bat, that SyFy really put the money into the production values–everything […]

Game of Thrones S6 E02 “Home” Review

Warning the following is dark and full of spoilers Since the first episode of this season was it’s usual uneventful self, I wanted something epic to happen in the second […]

April Lootcrate Unboxing Review!

Hey guys! We’re lucky enough to have been given Lootcrates now to review, so this is our first! I’m really pleased with what we got in April’s, and I hope […]