Con Survival – Pack Your Bags!

Rejoice, for con season is upon us! Fun adventures await but first, you have to pack your suitcases. Some people loathe packing. I thoroughly enjoy it and have been known […]

And an introduction…

…to your new benevolent overlord, Lindsey! And by benevolent overlord, I just mean editor and main writer on When Nerds Attack. I’m so excited to be taking over the helm […]

Stepping Down From WNA And New Beginnings

This has actually been in the making for awhile now. You’ve probably noticed the lack of “original” posts, like I’ve done in the past. Honestly, I hit a wall. I […]

The Press Chronicles: Chapter 2: The Perks

Continuing on in the saga: First off we had some questions come in after the first chapter.  Namely, how long our site had been running, our readership numbers, and if […]

Yup. You Can Now Find Us On Facebook!

That’s right. I finally bit the bullet and created a Facebook page for When Nerds Attack! You can find the page at See, I kept it simple and easy. […]

When Nerds Attack Turned Two Years Old!

I can’t believe I missed its birthday! It turns out that back in January, WNA turned two! I seriously can’t believe it. I feel like it was just yesterday that I […]