The Walking Dead  Episode 704 “Service”

  “Service:” Webster’s Dictionary defines service as the occupation or function of serving. It is supposed to be an act of sacrifice; one that truly helps a situation. Yet, here […]

The Walking Dead Episode 703 “The Cell”

  So many questions still plague our minds about what happens to our group after Negan’s deadly power play. The episode last week, although not as action-packed as we all […]

The Walking Dead Episode 701

The Walking Dead  Episode 701 “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be” For six months we have been anxiously awaiting to see who is “it.” There have been so […]

Once Upon A Time Episode 604 “Strange Case”

  What an interesting episode this week! So much character development makes for great TV. Each one in our core group showed some growth as a character. Some, like Rumplestiltskin, […]

Once Upon A Time 603 The Other Shoe

Once Upon A Time Season 6 Episode 3 The Other Shoe I’m so thankful for this episode. As an avid Cinderella fan, I always thought her story was incomplete and […]

Once Upon A Time 602; A Bitter Draught

    Revenge is the dish of which we are partaking this week, and a cold dish it is! With so many unknown stories looming in Storybrooke, we come face-to-face […]