Black Sails Review: S4E2 Review, XXX

XXX Warning: Spoilers   We start the episode where we left off last week: with Silver. He’s been dragged to a strange atoll where it seems dozens of ships have […]

Vikings S4E20: The Reckoning

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January Lootcrate Unboxing Review

A date late but, our Janurary unboxing review for Lootcrate is up! If you are interested in getting lootcrate for yourself, head over to !

Vikings S4E19 Review: On the Eve

On the Eve Warning: Spoilers   As usual, things are split by areas. Let’s get to it, guys!   Kattegat Kattegat couldn’t catch a real break this episode. First, they […]

Black Sails S4E1 Review: XXIX

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