The Flash S3E12, Review – Untouchable

It has been far too long since Team Flash last faced a meta-human that was challenging to defeat. It’s practice for what they’ll have to face with Savitar, and with […]

The Flash S3E11, Review – Dead or Alive

Focusing on character development and relationship development is my jam. With the impending future hanging over Team Flash’ head, focusing on issues other than Iris’ death is difficult to move […]

Shadowhunters S2E5, Review – Dust and Shadows

Clary isn’t the most clear-headed girl on the best days; emotions often guide her decisions. Now that Jocelyn is gone, you can expect Clary’s decisions to take a nosedive into […]

Teen Wolf S6E9, Review – Memory Found

We’ve seen the pack desperate before, but this is on another level. With only Lydia, Malia and Scott left to figure out what to do next, the future is not […]

Shadowhunters S2E4, Review – Day of Wrath

In just three episodes there has been numerous losses all around. People, relationships, situations– everything has changed drastically. In a short time, we’ve watched our favorite characters adapt to their […]

The Hall of Magic

Living in NYC has given me a special insight into the world of The Magicians, or so I thought. Syfy has proved me wrong with The Hall of Magic that […]

Teen Wolf S6E8, Review – Blitzkrieg

    Mieczyslaw Stilinski. That’s Stiles’ real name, Mieczyslaw Stilinski. But I’m getting ahead of myself. We don’t find out this much sought after information until the end. This whole […]