iZombie S4E7 Review: Don’t Hate the Player, Hate the Brain

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iZombie: Don’t Hate the Player, Hate the Brain

Original air date: April 16, 2018

Warning: Spoilers

I don’t know if the show is trying to cram too much into each episode or if it is a question of editing, but I still feel a slight disconnect with the show. This is not the same show that I loved the past three seasons. The acting is wonderful, and I think Rose McIver keeps getting better and better. I think the timing and dynamics between the main cast is spot on, but what I miss is the formula that worked; we had a procedural comedy that paired a zombie with a hard-nosed detective, they solved murders and vanquished a big bad by the season’s end. I don’t know if the show needed to be more. The show is having its identity crisis, too many side stories are left unfinished and it leaves me feeling underwhelmed.

Liv finally met Angus McDonough and learning he’s Blaine’s father seems like it should be a bigger deal, yet there was no follow up. Peyton saw Major acting out of character during the meeting at Fillmore Graves and again, there was no follow up. Major would only have to shoot Peyton a text saying, “Hey sorry that meeting sucked, but I’m undercover looking for a brain thief, talk later,” to make me happy. The show keeps setting up these situations of conflict, but we get very little resolution. Whatever happened to the new recruits Major was training? I thought he was getting back to his roots and into a job like he originally had– they disappeared and now he’s Chase Graves personal Ray Donovan.

The only storyline getting a lot of screen time is Liv as Renegade, and that isn’t cutting it for me. Liv was already a hero in my eyes and I don’t think taking up this cause was necessary. I don’t think this story was necessary. There is so much to explore within zombie/human relations, but now it is just another storyline that has fallen to the wayside. I feel there were several ways the writers could have spoken about prejudice, racism, fascism, and even poverty— the storyline of a zombie underground railroad seems like it is trying to be edgy without being edgy.

There is one way I think this railroad storyline could have really succeeded—Major should have taken on the role of Renegade. Major has a background in social services, and dealing with troubled youth. Given his need to please, this seems like it would be a perfect fit for him. He worked for Fillmore Graves because he didn’t have any other options, and it seems fighting never sat well with him. Why didn’t writers choose him? I have always felt his character needed a better purpose—this could have been it.

Now it isn’t like I’m going to stop watching the show– it will always have my support– I’m just imagining the writers got a bad batch of brains, that’s all. There is still plenty to love about this show. Liv on player brain was a lot of fun to watch. That she sent a, “down to duck,” text to every guy she knew was funny—that she even texted Detective Cavanaugh was hilarious. I liked the gender switch-up, seeing Liv peacocking and negging was fun to watch. Her pretending not to be on the brain just to get inside Levon’s pants was brilliant. I do like how her personality changes are now just par for course with her friends, and they ride out each brain with humor and understanding.

So yeah, did I love this episode? No. Still, I am going to remain optimistic that the show will find its way again. Maybe I’m the only one that is feeling this way. If you agree or disagree hit me up in the comments section. I always like to hear other people’s viewpoints!


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