Ash vs Evil Dead S3E7 Review: Twist and Shout

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Ash vs Evil dead: Twist and Shout

Original air date: April 8th, 2018

Warning: Spoilers

The death of Brandy upset me more than I thought it would. Having said that, I’m sure she will return to the land of the living, just like Kelly will. My confidence on all this is high, based solely on promo stills of season three—there are pictures of Brandy, Ash, Pablo, and Kelly together—with what looks to be some sort of military unit behind them– something we haven’t seen yet. Since it looks like Ash is purposely dying in the next episode to go find Brady and Kelly in the upside down (I know another show has dibs on the name—but really, what did it look like?), I’m going to guess he succeeds, but I’m sure it will be very true to typical Ash form. In other words, he will succeed, but not fully, and I’m guessing the shadowy Demogorgon will return with them.

It was after I finished and posted my review last week, that a thought hit me—I knew either Pablo or Ash would see Kelly on the other side of the rift—like Ash saw Rachel. I’m glad it happened sooner rather than later. Evil Kelly (aka Kaya) worked well for this episode, but it might have lost momentum if kept up for another week, especially after Ruby’s plan failed. If Kelly comes back and doesn’t need her old body, it would be fun to see Kelly square off against Evil Kelly, like Ash did this week.

I know it has been done a couple times before, but I love Good Ash vs Evil Ash. Something about Bruce Campbell playing the two different versions cracks me up every time. Whenever there is an evil version of Ash, it leads to more people learning he is right and not some crazy crackpot. It was probably my favorite moment, when Ash killing Evil Ash sent Ruby over the edge. Ruby plots and plans, yet Ash always succeeds in ruining her plans. Seeing her get so angry at him and throwing a temper-tantrum was a great scene. Now that she killed Brandy, I think he will be more determined to finish Ruby off. Ash has always thwarted Ruby, because he could—but he wasn’t 100% invested in the whole thing. When Pablo died last season, that is when Ash kicked it up a notch. Brandy’s death will act as the same kind of catalyst for this season—maybe even more so.

This development in Ash, from lone wolf to caring for a family, has prompted more growth in him than was probably thought possible. There was a switch midway through last season where Pablo, Kelly and Ash truly became a tight family unit. Brandy became part of that unit this season, and I want this family to stay together.

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I love that Brady, not wanting to be like her dad, not wanting to be a killer—is what thwarted Ruby’s plan. Ruby was good, she got Brandy believing her—just too well. Brandy thought Ash was a crazy demon, and the cut scenes to all those moments with Ash, was perfect. It showed her thought process and why she couldn’t bring herself to kill him. I guess her death following that is what made it so impactful. I would have ended the episode there and opened next week with her waking up on the other side. It would’ve given us the week to worry about her.

What I’m curious about is if Kelly and Brandy are the only ones Ash brings back. If they can come back, it seems like anyone killed by a deadite could return. Could we see the return of some familiar faces? Even if it wasn’t everyone, it would be fun to have some old characters return—the return of Annie Knowby from Evil Dead 2, could be useful: but my vote is for Chet.

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