The Flash S4E14, Review – Subject 9

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There is trouble in paradise for the DeVoe’s: as Clifford has become power hungry, Marlize is left behind in the dust to watch their plans fall apart.

I imagine Marlize had this picture perfect vision of Clifford and herself as equals, working together towards their goals. Clifford is making it clear that he is the one on top and now views his wife as just another tool, someone who isn’t on his intellectual level. In between her periods of doubt and disgust, Clifford drugs her into complacency to further his ideal world of ruling alone. I had hoped it wouldn’t take this route, but I’m sure it’ll make Clifford’s downfall that much sweeter.

As Clifford’s new body degrades in a matter of days, he looks to another Metahuman to enhance his powers and mobility. Izzy Bowen is the next target, a Metahuman with dreams of becoming a country singer. Her powers are similar to Black Canary, unleashing a soundwave to knock people off their feet. Untrained, she can unintentionally cause someone to go deaf.

Barry and Dibny have a chance to team up and try to help her, but she rejects their help. They approach her later as their superhero selves just as Clifford attacks her, and she returns with them to Star Labs in desperation.

Dibny has taken a liking to Izzy and is happy to help her harness her powers. Usually caring and somewhat introspective, Barry is now closed off and rough with Izzy throughout her training. The team notices it, and Dibny pushes back at Barry to lay off. It comes too late, as Izzy is frustrated with Barry’s attitude and leaves to fight Clifford on her own.

As a last-ditch attempt to hinder Clifford’s superhuman mind, Harry develops the cerebral inhibitor. It doesn’t work, and Izzy meets her demise as the newest body Clifford now occupies. Just like the previous episode, watching someone’s life be drained from them doesn’t get any less depressing. Dibny tries to make her last moments less lonely, but the fear in his eyes does little to comfort anyone.

In the aftermath, Dibny is not happy with how Barry pushed her. The disappointment is short-lived, as he offers Barry a job as a co-investigator. He sees Barry feels lost after losing his job at CCPD and wants to give him direction. After all, Barry is just human, and he understands how lost someone can feel after losing their dream job. Dibny has gone from the annoying sidekick to someone who wants to step up and be a hero. He was so eager to have Izzy join them, as he saw himself in her as well– someone whose life changed around because of their powers, who could become a better version of themselves. I’m afraid Dibny stepping up means he might not make it to the end of the season. A step in the right direction does not always mean they’ll stay with Team Flash.

Overall, I’m enjoying the direction everyone is taking. Clifford has become a corrupted man, while Dibny has his redemption of a once crooked cop. Harry joins them as a man who is trying to seek better connections with the team and open up. I’m a little wary we’ll lose someone from the team again, but if only Wally could return the team would be perfect!

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