Ash Needs to Gird His Loins in AshvsEvilDead S3E2 Review: Booth Three

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Ash vs Evil Dead: Booth Three

Original air date: March 4th, 2018

Warning: Spoilers

Now, the It’s Alive baby bursting forth and eating a hitchhiker in the opening scene, that’s more of what I expect from Ash vs. Evil Dead—and boy, did it set the pace for the episode.

Ruby says the baby was created in Ash’s image but will be nothing like him. So, I guess the Evil Ash thing is most likely happening. That doesn’t really explain why she wants to make sure he doesn’t have any more spawn running around– I mean besides it being hilarious. Ruby seemed surprised when Brandy told her Ash was her father; was she surprised Brandy knew, or that Brandy was his kid? I couldn’t quite tell. I feel she had to know, why else is she a high school counselor? Unless that is what evil does in its spare time—it would explain a lot about high school.

Last season we had the morgue scene, with heads going through holes they really shouldn’t go through and that is a tough scene to beat. The sperm bank scene tried, and it was funny, gross and sticky—but seemed a little…flaccid. I guess since this is season three I expected something bigger. I will say, the model from the Booty magazine looked straight out of the 80’s—props to the makeup department.

Elk Grove has the feel of a town trapped in the 80’s and that might be one of my favorite parts of the show—good job, production design! It’s like it is trapped in time, never evolving from the first movie. Being an 80’s baby, it’s that bit of nostalgia that always gets me. Off topic, but not—last year Universal studios did an Ash vs Evil Dead walkthrough for Halloween Horror Nights, so much of the walkthrough looked exactly like the show, and it was my favorite walkthrough ever—I had to tell more than one deadite to leave me alone so I could look around (by the way, not the response they want when they jump out at you).  The reason I’m sharing this is because it is always the small things that make me appreciate a show more and I think this show does an amazing job with the little things.

Speaking of set design, my favorite part of the episode was Brandy sleeping (or not) in Cheryl’s old room.  Her look as she took in her surroundings, you know she was looking like that all night. Imagine being through what she went through, and then being stuck in one of the creepiest rooms ever—for the show hilarious. Ash’s complete obliviousness to it—probably the most dad thing ever.

I want to see more of this Ash and Brandy dynamic—I just feel there is going to be some comedic gold discovered there. Ash has never been very good at considering others, and I think his fumbling through this relationship is going to be great. It will be interesting to see if and how he will break Ruby’s sway over Brandy, or if Brandy will be swayed to the dark side.

Last season I thought for sure Pablo was going to become a bad-ass brujo. It didn’t happen as I expected, but being cut in half does put a person behind a little. I think in this season he is going to take over his uncle’s magic, or he isn’t going to make it—and I don’t know if I could handle him dying again.

Dalton (speaking about Pablo) said once a person is touched by evil, they are in a constant battle. He thinks Pablo is the threat, but what if it is Kelly? She was possessed in season one and looking at the previews it looks like she will again. I hope she can overcome it, maybe with Pablo’s help? I really don’t want any of our three main Ghost Beaters to die—I hope I can stay happy.


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