A #Lucifer Episode of Biblical Proportions, S3E10 Review: The Sin Bin

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Lucifer: The Sin Bin

Original air date: December 11th, 2017

Warning: Spoilers

When Marcus Peirce was first introduced, I had the feeling that he was more than human. I thought maybe he was another angel, but discounted it, thinking Lucifer would be able to sense if Pierce was Celestial. I’m not sure why I had that in my head– Lucifer’s search for his mother last season shows it takes a little work to figure it out; but I also discounted the idea because I thought it was a too obvious choice. I was caught up with figuring out who the Sinnerman was, hedging my bets that he was some biblical baddie—so really the writers did a great job hiding a key biblical figure in plain sight. So the reveal of the winter finale was surprising, but it also made a lot of sense.

Pierce is Cain, the first human born– you know the one that killed his brother, Abel, the first Human to die.  So, quick recap of their story: Adam and Eve had two kids—first Cain, and he tilled the land. Then came Abel and he was a Shepard. One day God asked Cain and Abel for sacrifices, and each gave him an offering from their work. God accepted Abel’s offering, but not Cain’s. (I think it is proof God is not a vegetarian, but that is probably not the morale of the story.)  Cain was pissed-off about this, and killed his brother (talk about over-reacting), and God cursed him to wander for all eternity… and marked him so that no man could kill him.

After that, Cain does manage to get married, have a child (maybe more) and now I guess become a police lieutenant.  In some interpretations of Cain and Abel, Cain is the one to bring violence and greed into the world. Some think he was doing the Devil’s bidding. Some think the morale of the story is to obey God’s will. To me, it seems like Pierce and Lucifer should be best friends. So why did Pierce devise a scheme in which he planned on Lucifer killing the Sinnerman?

Did he do all this to get Lucifer’s attention or was it to mess with God? Does Pierce blame Lucifer for killing Abel? Pierce confided in Chloe that the Sinnerman killed his brother—does the Sinnerman represent himself or Lucifer? Maybe I am still too focused on the Sinnerman; what if Pierce knew that Lucifer would figure it out and was hoping Lucifer would kill him? Pierce’s curse is that no “man” could kill him, but maybe an angel could? Or maybe it needs to be a woman that kills him—it could be a nice LOTR’s twist.

I’m just not sure why Pierce killed Sinnerman. Did he see Lucifer wasn’t going to do it, and had no more use for him? The picture Sinnerman had in his wallet was the clue Lucifer needed to figure it all out, but that photo shows Pierce had a long relationship with Sinnerman. So is Peirce the big bad of the season or just a misunderstood farmer?

Amidst all this speculation there are a couple things I do know—first, Trixie and Charlotte together are hilarious. I loved their interactions and Dan is right, Trixie is the best wingman. I hope Charlotte gets to see her kids, I think she deserves it. Second, I think after the severed head and a bomb scare, Dan does need to get a gift basket of muffins.


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