The Walking Dead, Episode 804 “Some Guy”

The Walking Dead   Episode 804: Some Guy        The episode begins as King Ezekiel prepares himself for the day. Kind of like a ‘day-in-the-life-of’ piece. Just as an actor […]

The SciFi Pubcast – Episode 9

A Proud Partner of the When Nerds Attack Podcasting Network.  On the Menu: An Examination of the 1980 Film, Flash Gordon! Direct download: here. Welcome to the SciFi Pubcast! Come […]

Dirk Gently S2E5 Review: Shapes and Colors

S2E5: Shapes and Colors We start off in Windimore, where we finally see who has been holding the candle–it’s a strange creature, who tells us the story so far. She’s […]

When Nerds Attack Episode 4

This week Ernie is joined by Randy Falcon from The Retro Convo and the owner of Lindsey Cepak. Disney is in talks to acquire 21st Century Fox, Brian Bendis […]

The Flash S4E5, Review – Girls Night Out

With Barry and Iris’ wedding drawing closer, it’s time for the bachelor and bachelorette parties to commence. While the guys on Team Flash get to relax, the girls are the […]

When Nerds Attack Episode 3

On this episode of When Nerds Attack, Mike and Ernie talk about their experience at Stan Lee’s LA Comic Comic 2017. Star Wars The Last Jedi released a 45 second […]