The Female of the Species is More Dangerous Than the Male. #AmericanHorrorStory S7E11 Review: Great Again

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American Horror Story: Great Again

Original air date: November 14th, 2017

Warning: Spoilers

Well, here we are at the end of the season. Kai got his comeuppance and Ally got a Senate seat. I am perfectly okay with how this turned out. I am extremely pleased that Beverly got to be the one that took Kai out in the end.  What a crazy ride this season has been—and what did we learn from it? There is one thing more dangerous than a humiliated man—a nasty woman.

In the end, it seems Kai did exactly what Bebe Babbitt set him out to do: he served as a symbol to enrage woman into action. He thought he was calling the shots, but really it all played out like Bebe said it would and Kai died to serve a greater good. Ally now has a national platform to raise her army. She gets what Kai so desperately wanted—I love it. She managed to out manipulate and succeed where Kai failed. When he pulled the trigger and the gun didn’t go off, when he saw Ally wink at Gloria, he knew he was played and that made the whole season worthwhile.

The season started with Ally downing in her fear; once she broke free of the fears she accomplished a great many things. She got angry (and I know from another show—angry gets shit done.) Now that she accomplished her revenge, what will replace the anger? (I will refrain from another Star Wars quote.) Even though she killed some people (which in real life I wouldn’t condone), I consider her the hero of the story, but is she? Is that my bias at work? Do some see this as the villain getting away with it? For this whole season I have looked at Kai as the bad guy—I try (a little) to remain politically neutral in my writing, but saying Kai is the bad guy and Ally is my hero paints a pretty clear picture as to where I fall on the political spectrum.

I do think of Ally as a hero. I mean everyone in AHS has some issues, they may not be the best humanity has to offer, but being a hero doesn’t mean being perfect—it is about a person’s journey and ability to change. If you put Ally’s story up against Joseph Campbell’s (The Hero with a Thousand Faces) Hero’s Journey, she would fit. She was just living her life, got called (rather horribly) to adventure, and at first, she refused (she got locked up). She had a mentor (Dr. Vincent) and crossed a threshold when she realized what was really going on. She had tests, met her enemies and gained allies (I would consider Beverly her ally). She made her way through the ordeal, and was rewarded and resurrected with the same thing—becoming a Senator. We end with her having the power (the return with the elixir) to change the world. Ally changed, Kai didn’t. That is what allowed her to be the hero.

So back to my initial question—what will be next for Ally? The last scene seemed a little more ambiguous than other season finales, which makes me think Ally may return in other seasons. Why I feel there is some ambiguity is the cloak and her reference to “powerful women”. My first thought goes back to this season and how Bebe Babbitt first appeared in a cloak. Is SCUM in full swing, and has Ally assumed leadership of a cult of her own? Or is this pointing to something else—this isn’t the first time we met a group of powerful women concerned with ending the patriarchy—it sounds to me, we might be talking about a coven.

AHS season three was Coven, but haven’t we seen witches more than in just that season? We saw Queenie (Gabourey Sidibe) in AHS Hotel, and Scáthach (Lady Gaga) from Roanoke is the original Supreme. It wouldn’t be too far of a jump to think witches will play other roles in the upcoming seasons of AHS. Maybe at the heart of the show, it’s really about equality—not just this season but all seasons. The fight for equality is never without violence and death, maybe this whole thing is a giant opus intended to reflect on the violent, uncomfortable and gruesome way change occurs. Or maybe it is just a show filled with lots of violence, but still fun to watch.

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