American Gods S1E3: Head Full of Snow

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Head Full of Snow


We start somewhere in America again–New York, to be exact. We are treated to a lovely scene with a woman who died in an accident and Anubis (who goes by Mr. Jacquel in this rendition). It’s a truly wholesome, good scene, and probably the first time in the series we have seen a genuinely warm, good God.

There is such a kindness to him as he leads her to the afterlife that it filled me with a strange comfort. Both Gods introduced in this episode are ‘good’ Gods–they leave the humans they touch with something better than before.


Back in the Czernobog household, Moon is sleeping until his impending doom, and in his dreams he’s visited by the third sister, Polunochnaya, who is watching the stars above them. She explains that she watches the ‘thing’ change up in the stars, to make sure it doesn’t escape. If it did, it would end the world.

She tells Moon that since he believes in nothing, he has nothing, but his path will lead him to everything. She also mentions he lost something (the gold coin–even if he doesn’t realize it). “You’d rather die, than live in a world with bears in the sky.” She is kind, and simply wishes to help Moon; as he has no protection, she provides him a silver dollar, which she plucked from out of the sky, a symbol of the moon.


Moon goes to wake up Czernobog and demands to play another game–as the God might need two hits to kill him. It’s a risk, but it works, as Moon triumphs this time, gaining Czernobog’s promise to go to Wisconsin for whatever Mr. Wednesday is planning. Meanwhile, Mr. Wednesday goes to visit Utrennyaya (seriously, Cloris Leachman is so good). She tells him that he will fail at what he is attempting to do.


Having triumphed, you would think they would take a break, but no, Mr. Wednesday announces that they are going to rob a bank. Well…that’s a thing.

We cut to Sweeney who finds out he’s lost his luck; that gold coin Moon threw on Laura’s grave? That was Sweeney’s lucky coin, and without it his luck is horrible (though hilarious for us, at least).


We head back to ‘Somewhere in America’ New York, where a man (Salim) is stood up for a meeting. He says he is a salesman, and seems good natured, despite being treated poorly. Salim gets into a cab with a man who speaks arabic (as he does) and the subtitles are cool, as they show in both English and Arabic. The driver is an Old God, or a Jinn to be exact. He falls asleep, and when the salesman wakes him he sees his glowing eyes. He realizes who he met, but seems accepting and not shocked; apparently his aunt had met one, once before. He just wants to know if there are many Jinn. It’s clear that these are two lonely men, reaching out for something.

They finally reach his hotel, and he tells the Jinn his room number, which prompts them to have a tryst together. It’s emotional and soft, and just really well done overall, with amazing visuals and again, erect penises! (I know I’m harping on that but we just never see them on screen. It’s nice to see male genitalia.) When Salim wakes, though, he finds the Jinn gone, but is left with all of his things. So instead of failing at being a salesman, he can now drive a taxi, a much better profession. It seems the Jinn granted him a wish, after all. Again, as I said, the Old Gods introduced this episode are much kinder than the previous ones, I think you would agree.


The entire bank ‘robbery’ is great, with it being more of a con than a true robbery in the normal sense. The one really important thing to take from all of this is that Mr. Wednesday tells Moon to think of snow, and Moon does…and it starts snowing.

Which freaks him out more than a little a bit. After all, he doesn’t believe in this stuff, but could his desire to make it snow really make it snow? Sweeney shows up for a short minute to berate Moon and finds out that Moon left his coin on Laura’s grave–or at least Moon thinks it is (we know better).


We end the episode with Mr. Wednesday stating that America is the only country in the world that still searches for what it is–the people in it do as well. This goes for Moon, too, who wants to know if he truly made the snow; Mr. Wednesday obfuscates, instead telling Moon that whatever he believes can be real if he believes in it hard enough. This will be important in coming episodes.  


Oh, and about that coin? It definitely isn’t at the grave. Sweeney digs all the way down to Laura’s coffin, only to see a burned hole in her casket–with no coin inside…and no Laura. Where is Laura?


She’s waiting for Moon in his motel room. Talk about lucky gold, right?

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