#TimeAfterTime S1E3 Review: Out of Time

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Time After Time: Out of Time

Original air date: March 12th, 2017

Warning: Spoilers

I loved this episode, I mean I loved it. I was afraid after the first two episodes the pace of the show might falter—this was not the case. The episode centers very much in present day– there’s no time traveling escapades, but with all that happened, it doesn’t matter one bit.

H.G., Jane, Vanessa, and newcomer Martin Scott (Omar Maskati) are all focused on fixing the time machine. A crystal that is crucial to traveling in the fourth dimension (aka, time) is cracked and a replacement must be found. This leads to a very charming moment between H.G. and Jane, where they discuss time travel and destiny. H.G. says it is the responsibility of the time traveler not to interfere with the timeline, only to be an observer. Jane says that it is destiny that he arrived in New York and that they met. Neither tries to persuade the other to their view point; they don’t fight, they just listen to each other—it was a lovely little moment.

Somehow I get the feeling H.G. does not follow his own advice and I am sure as heck that John doesn’t. Let’s make a list of everyone that knows about H.G. and John: besides Jane, Vanessa, and Martin, we have Chad (the guy following them in the previous episode), his mom, Dr. Brooke Monroe, and the people she’s working with, Griffin, and whomever Griffin called. The list might get bigger as the series progresses, so far there appears to be three parties interested in the time machine and its travelers.

Chad, to my surprise, was killed. But what about his mother? She knows about H.G. and John, but her dementia may be a hurdle in learning more about what she knows and who she is. I doubt this story line will cease with Chad’s death.

Vanessa, as of this episode, appears to be exactly who she says she is. She has moved the time machine to her home, paid for the repairs, and brought in a specialist to help Wells. I might have misjudged her and hope she will remain an ally. Griffin (her boyfriend, not her husband as I had written previously) is sketchy like I said. He plotted his way into Vanessa’s confidence and she showed him what he was after: the time machine. When he gets access, he calls someone. Who? Is he in league with Brooke or someone else?

Brooke! I laughed when she drugged John. I knew their interaction was leading to something and I briefly wondered if she was a serial killer, but her interest in him seems more clinical. I will be curious to see how it plays out and how John gets himself out of this predicament.

Speaking of John, I love how well he is adapting to modern day– better than most. When I microwave a burrito, it is pure lava at each end and frozen in the middle. How did he get his just right?  He is already adept at using the phones and the television, and easily picks up on social cues from others. Besides his penchant for killing, he is a highly likeable character and I am glad we are continuing his journey, like in the first two episodes.

H.G. is so full curiosity that each time he sees something new, his eyes light up like a little child on Christmas. Again, I want to commend Freddie Stroma (H.G.) and Josh Bowman (John) on their performances. They are doing such a great job bringing these characters to life; they are what makes this show so much fun to watch.

When Jane and H.G. go to visit Jane’s friend the gemologist to replace the broken crystal, H.G. gets a lesson in modern dating and learns quickly the first rule of Cross-Fit is to always talk about Cross-Fit. The moments between Jane and H.G. are my absolute favorite. I praised the men, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Genesis Rodriguez (Jane).  She plays so well off Freddie Stroma, and Jane is great, strong female character. She isn’t a damsel in distress—even last week when she was kidnapped by John she made efforts to escape. After being chased down by Chad wielding a gun, she isn’t afraid to keep going. Also, she is a valuable member of the team and provides useful knowledge and resources.

John, Jane, and H.G. are well-rounded characters. We are learning more about them each episode, but they seem like real people. Even John—where his character could be over-the-top or campy, that hasn’t happened. They are all individuals, but you could see how H.G. and John would have been friends. I can see how they still could work well together in shows ahead. There is that dynamic between them that works well—I think back to Angel and Spike in BTVS and Angel or Eric and Bill in True Blood. (I am not sure why only vampire shows came to mind.)

This show is doing a great job introducing different storylines and continuing to develop the story. My only fear is the show will turn into one giant conspiracy theory—unknown powers that be are hunting our protagonists and are always hidden in the shadows. I don’t mind a show having a big bad each season or two, but when it goes into secret government agencies and never a sense of closure, that’s when a show loses me. As of right now, destiny put me in the path of this show and I can’t wait to see

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