Shadowhunters S2E6, Review – Iron Sisters


The Iron Sisters have been brought up quite often as of recent. Namely by Isabelle, who has wanted nothing more than to join them. I don’t blame her at all– they are badass.

Venturing to where the Iron Sisters live has been on Isabelle’s to do list since she was a young girl. We previously saw her complacent in Aldertree’s hands just for a chance to head the mission. She doesn’t journey on her own– Clary joins her after a heart to heart between the two. It’s clear Isabelle focuses a lot of her energy on those she holds close; just about every day she checks on Clary’s well-being, even as she continues to heal from her demon wound.

Isabelle poses the question to Aldertree right before she’s set to leave: can Clary join her on the mission? Kind and gentle, opposite of what Jace has been facing, Aldertree approves the request just as long as Isabelle promises to report on every little thing that happens to Clary. He waves the salve Isabelle has been using to heal, and she accepts the conditions. While she was playing big sister to Clary one moment ago and in no time turned snitch, Isabelle seems ready to throw her friendship away just to be in good standing.

If she knows how Aldertree was treating Jace, maybe she wouldn’t be as complacent. While left on his own, Jace is ordered to perform duties of a low-level Shadowhunter after he refuses to give up private information about Clary. Having a short temper means Jace hardly lasts through his task and confronts Aldertree about his true intentions. Without having the authority to kick Jace out, Aldertree will make his life miserable until he leaves on his own. After the trial, Aldertree finds Jace untrustworthy; he’s ready to release video of his actions, so the already suspicious Shadowhunters can see their brother’s true alliance. Even if Alec, Isabelle, and Clary were around, I doubt it would have done anything to change Jace’s situation. He’s going to have to deal with it on his own.

Jace’s situation has sucked up everyone’s attention for so long, especially Alec’s, it’s no wonder he has been high strung as of late. Magnus takes notice and presses for a night out for both of them.  It didn’t look likely at first, but Alec gives in and goes along. It’s awkward but refreshing; the date is Alec and Magnus getting to know each other as more than Shadowhunter and Warlock. In times of crisis, it’s healthy to step back and enjoy what is in front of you, and both Alec and Magnus need this night more than they know. While it takes a turn for the worse as the dreaded, “How many people have you been with?” question comes up, the guys work through it. It is by far the healthiest start to a relationship one could hope for, as the two work through the initial fear of not being good enough for each other. Good on Alec for not letting the fear of his inexperience ruin what could be a great thing for them.

No, it isn’t Alec or Magnus’ insecurities that put a damper on the night. It’s Jace, who shows up with a duffle bag to Magnus’ loft looking for a room to stay. Isn’t it just like a brother to show up and take the spotlight.

Clary and Isabelle’s mission is an important one: find out why Valentine took the Soul-Sword from the City of Bones during his attack. At least for Isabelle, it is, for Clary her personal mission is to discover the meaning behind her mystery rune. She’s desperate for it to be a sign from her mother, but her hopes have rarely been answered. Unfortunately, for Isabelle, her dream of walking through the walls to where the Iron Sisters live is cut short. There is a purity trial, and while Clary passes, Isabelle does not. It signifies demon blood is running through her and prevents her from entering. Excuse me?! Not Isabelle!

Yes, Isabelle, as one of the sisters so kindly explains the salve she has been using to treat her demon wound is Vampire venom, and will not help heal her. Aldertree has been messing with Isabelle’s body and mind; I only hope this puts an end to how helpful she’s been.

Clary carries on with the mission, but her focus is on her newly discovered rune. It’s Luke’s sister, Amatis, who guides Clary and answers her questions. The only straight forward answer she receives is one that cannot be revealed to others. The power of the soul-sword can destroy Downworlders when wielded by one with angel blood; the light is instant and will cleanse their world. For Clary, it means losing the people she cares about the most. As for her rune, it’s not a sign from her mother, but its origin is never revealed. Amatis only guides help Clary with her grief, enough to distract her from her lack of response.

I wouldn’t be suspicious of the scene normally, an Iron Sister is a highly held status, and they are free to keep their secrets. But Amatis throws that out of the window that night as she leaves, killing a fellow sister and revealing the circle rune that Valentine’s followers all share. This can’t be good.

Frustrations run high as the only person concerned with Luke’s whereabouts is a Vampire struggling with his home life. Simon’s back living in the boathouse thanks to his screws ups with his mom, and while her memory has been wiped of his return home, Simon is back to square one. Luke’s pack, while they have tried to look for him, have given up. Simon’s desperation has not gone unnoticed, and Maia is just as desperate to find Luke, so she asks for Simon’s help.

Simon is not the typical Downworlder; he’s still hopeful for his future and awkward as ever. It’s refreshing to see him make friends with someone like Maia who is similar in personality. Unfortunately, she has been through a lot that has driven her to the comfort of the pack and caused her to be closed off like so many other Downworlders.

Together they find Luke, driven mad by grief and ready to attack a human couple. Simon takes a chance and appeals to his human side to bring him back into control. It works, and while it seems temporary, both Simon and Maia encourage him to return home as he won’t have to suffer alone.

It’s not just Maia and Simon that need Luke; it’s everyone who needs his guidance as the truth of the soul-sword is revealed. He’s been through one Valentine attack, and with the situation growing dire and the Institute being of little help, they will need his guidance.

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