Pay no attention to the man behind the wig #EmeraldCity review S1E6: Beautiful Wickedness

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Emerald City: Beautiful Wickedness

Original air date: February 3rd, 2017

Warning:  Spoilers

Photo from the episode “Beautiful Wickedness”

To tell the truth, this episode left me feeling—meh. Maybe because most of the episode had me going, “Well, duh”.  What would truly be spectacular is if all this led up to Glinda not betraying the Wizard. The twist could be the two of them are working together to lure Mombi out of hiding. Maybe I am building up Mombie to be more of a threat than she is, but the last time Fiona Shaw played a witch, a lot of people died—in the show (True Blood), not real life. I expect when she shows up again, she is not going to be a good witch.

In Lucas’ quest to find himself, it is discovered his memories are being protected by magic—Glinda’s magic. West works herself around the cardinal magic to see that Lucas was working for Glinda transporting young witches (including Sylvie), via wagon, to the magic tunnel in Nimbo. The tunnel would have transported them to Glinda’s keep. Glinda is harboring young witches for Mombi and, per West, doing so to overpower the Wizard. As I predicted, the Wizard’s high council is there to lay in wait for Glinda’s move; but now I wonder how many (if any) are witches? Has Mombi been making baby witches this whole time? Now there were seven girls in the covered wagon, and all looked close in age—I’m not sure how witch babies come about, but for Mombi’s sake, I hope it isn’t the way humans are born.

Photo from the episode “Beautiful Wickedness”

Was this reveal, the secret East was going to tell West? Or is there more going on? If West is so good at reading people, why are there so many things she doesn’t know?  Or is she just playing dumb for a reason? Also, why was Lucas doing this for Glinda?  There are still many holes in the backstory that have yet been revealed, but it makes me wonder if there were plans to overthrow the Wizard since about twenty years ago, if so, it better be a damn good plan.

Flashbacks show us the Wizard’s past; he worked with Dr. Karen Chapman (Dorothy’s biological mother), Dr. Jane Andrews (Jack’s reanimator) and Roberto (no last name guy that dies and Dorothy’s biological father) at Vortec, Vortex Research Laboratory. Their goal was to make clean renewable energy by harnessing the power of the wind. The Wizard (aka Frank) sabotaged the test run to destroy the machine, and ended up in Oz. Jane makes a deal with East to send them home to stop the Beast Forever, but that is a no-go for Frank. He will not leave, and we know he doesn’t. Jane is now working for the land of Ev, so I wonder (and I am sure we’ll find out) how Frank finagled his way to the top. It is clear Frank had feelings for Karen, and Karen didn’t feel the same way. Did she escape on the down low? Did East help her? Why did she give up Dorothy? In the first episode, it looked like she was studying tornadoes– was she trying to get back to Oz?

Also in the Wizard’s flashbacks, we properly meet Ojo’s wife, Nahara, and see that she is the true power behind the stone giants. The wizard is less than thrilled that magic was more impressive than his science and it seems he has spent the last 20 years hiding his inferiority complex behind an Orson Welles inspired countenance by seeking to destroy that which he fears (but I guess that could describe a few politicians).

Photo from the episode “Beautiful Wickedness”

In between the flashbacks and reveals, Lady Ev had a rough go of things this week. Her father’s untimely run-in with Sylvie left Lady Ev ready for vengeance. The Wizard, did play this one to his favor and got her to agree to make guns and ammo to fight Glinda and the Beast Forever. Jack had a run-in with Tip and I don’t think they will become besties again, anytime soon.

Thus far, the show is going exactly how I suspected, and that isn’t a bad thing, but part of me is waiting for it to catch me off guard—to give me an “Oh my freaking god—I did not see that coming” moment.  Maybe we were not supposed to know yet that Mombi is the mother witch, in which case, sorry I spoiled it for you—we can just all act really surprised when it is revealed. Oh, and act surprised when Tip finds out he is royalty.

Then again, maybe I am entirely wrong. What if Mombi isn’t breeding a bunch of witches, maybe Ozite children are being born witches because there is a surplus of magic not being used? Magic in Oz could act like matter (neither created nor destroyed). When the Wizard banned magic, magic found its own release. Maybe the writers are luring us into a false sense of knowing what will happen only to turn everything on its head.  Maybe the Cowardly Lion and some Wheelers are waiting in the wings to go “Red Wedding” on the main characters.

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